Friday, April 25, 2014

"Two Heads"

The Gold Rush Has Begun

"Two Heads", is a scripted comedy about two stoners who find themselves in the midst of a marijuana gold rush only to find out that they have to start a business to save grandma Rose who was recently locked up for illegal marijuana cultivation.

“A-Fool”, played by Felipe Esparza meets “Lil PeeWee” played by Supereego while spending time in the L.A. County jail for possession of marijuana. Upon their release the two decide to start a medical marijuana business so they can make enough money to bail out “A-Fool’s” 81 yr. old grandma who was also sent to the slammer for growing marijuana plants. She didn’t get out.

The two heads put their minds together and create one of the best marijuana strains in the growing game. But not without the help of marijuana guru, “White Flower”, played by Jenna Marbles. With her expertise in Cannabis, she helps create the best oils, hash and buds in the industry. Their sudden success finds them at the forefront of the marijuana gold rush, eventually leading them to encounter stiff competition and haters who try to steal their proprietary marijuana strain. 

They eventually make enough money to hire the best Lawyer in Alison Margolin who helps grandma Rose through the legal process. A six (6) episode show highlighting the harsh realities of marijuana laws mixed with comedic story-lines that are part of this rapid growing counterculture...

"Gangsta Diaries"

"Gangsta Diaries", is a six (6)  episode show that takes you in the minds of some of the most craziest and bizarre stories, where celebrity guests and x-gangsters give a detailed account of near death experiences. Re-enactments put you inside the mind of each guests as they walk us through a story that almost took their life away. 

Everyone has a story to tell and everyone thinks they’re a gangster. At the end of the day growing up in a rough barrio can get the best of you, but when you hear it from people who have been through it, sometimes being hard doesn’t seem so glorious. Each show will end with a lasting thought about #Gangstarism.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

NELA TV Talks With Franklin's New Football Coach Narciso Diaz "CONTRIBUTE TODAY" Becoming a new head coach comes with many challenges. One of the biggest ones is fundraising. Watch video to see how you can get involved.


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